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» Plastic surgery discount item

plastic surgery discount item


› Plastic surgery discount item 1 : The shaping facial contour surgery

face plastic surgery

 The facial contour surgery is not the operation to resect a lot of the facail bone without any consideration, butto be conducted after identifying the shape of facial bone which can be changed into natural and beautifel shape, considering not only facial bone, but also the soft tissue of muscle and fat, skin etc. which are different according to the individual person, for the purpose of making the jaw line marching with the face.


› Plastic surgery discount item 2 : The smile double jaw surgery

jaw surgery

Smile double jaw of DA plastic surgery clinic makes natural smile needless of worying about the awkward shape of the mouth which may occur after the double jaw surgery, not only considering the whole face such as the lip shape, the length of philtrum, the shape and degree of smile, and etc.. but also enhancing the fuction of jaw through the accurate analysis and diagnosis of medical specialist.

Smile double jaw surgery completes the natural and beautiful face needless of worrying about looking toothless. It also improves the function of jaw through the upper jaw plan making the beautiful smile and the lower jaw plan making the beautifel face shape.


› Plastic surgery discount item 3 : The image oculoplastic surgery

eye plastic surgery

 As the persons’ faces are various, so the images of eyes matching the face are also various. First of all, the image of eyes should fits for the person to make the beautiful face since the image of whole face may differ according to the image of eyes. DA plastic surgery makes the image of eyes matching the face of patient by  ‘the image oculoplastic surgery’.


› Plastic surgery discount item 4 :  The design nose cosmetic surgery

nose cosmetic surgeryWhat is the design nose cosmetic surgery?

In the past the cosmetic surgery was implemented with the standardized method of erecting the nose using the prosthesis manufactured like the ready-made clothes. However, recently making the nose’s shape like a padded sock’s toe is the trend where the naris is barely seen whereas the nose tip is sharp and the nose line is clear. It is considered as an important factor affecting the surgery result to select not only the surgery method matching the individual characteristics but also the appropriate surgery material according to the parts.


› Plastic surgery discount item 5 : Water drop endoscope breast plasty

breast plastic surgery

Why does it need to be desquamated by endoscope?

For breast plasty, the moment making space for implants inputting can depend on the result. Precise and delicate desquamating through the advanced HD high definition endoscope can make water drop pocket for implants to place pretty and naturally for more real water drop shaped pretty breast,

Why dose water drop endoscope breast plastic bring a good result?

Water drop endoscope breast plasty makes natural and pretty shape by inputting implants in the desquamated water drop pocket precisely. Also, since bleeding is little and delicate hemostasis is possible, touch is good and operation is processed safely and good resulted breast plasty is completed.


› Plastic surgery discount item 6 : Personalizedlifting

lifting plastic surgery

What is personalized lifting?

Lifting recovers the age of skin by stretching the wrinkles and lifting the saggy parts. It is important to plan the lifting by having the accurate diagnose because the aging parts and process are different. DA clinic offers optimized options for the skin depending of the aging parts are process.




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