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We are midical tourism agency in korea is a website that provides medical expenses discount 5% to 20% also various agency services and information for free. such as medical reservation of plastic surgery, dentistry, medical check up, ophthalmology, etc in South Korea, translation, interpretation, airport pick-up reservation service, hotel reservation. This business was initiated to help use various services in South Korea more conveniently and safely. Don’t worry. We guarantee after surgery, We selectively introduce hospitals that have surety insurance just in case, also we have a surety insurance for the customers. If you want to we will be always by your side. We will do our utmost for you to have the best result.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 1 : Eye

eye cosmetic surgery discountWHY? Eye surgery?
It is not the existing double eyelid surgery which is fixed forcibly by threads, it induces natural double eyelid along the double eyelid, makes natural double eyelid without artificial looking, the Natural adhesion developed by Grand.
Any great double eyelid surgery is ‘always noticeable’?
– Even though you had a double eyelid surgery from a famous plastic surgery hospital, you cannot hide somewhat artificial impressing eyes, or ‘the flaw’ which forms the scar along the double eyelid lines.
But, Grand’s natural adhesion is the method which is ‘flawless’ and natural as inborn double eyelids.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 2 : Nose

nose cosmetic surgery discountWHY? Nose surgery
Deviated nose has not only aesthetic problems but also has fuctional problems(rhinitis, sinusitis) and the nostrils are narrowed so it can occur diseases.
Deviated Nose Correction has a high level of difficulty, but in Grand, you can have dramatic results.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 3 : Anti-aging

baby face surgery discount
WHY? Anti-Aging
Women nowadays tend to be pleased when they’re told to look younger, rather than looking pretty.
Grand’s Baby-face surgery is a procedure to improve facial contouring, wrinkles and skin condition for rejuvenating effect.
Through this procedure, softer, more refined facial impression can be achieved from older, tiring appearance.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 4 : Breast

breast cosmetic surgery discountWHY? Breast surgery
We can provide satisfaction by fixing even the most delicate differences by 1mm for breast surgery, Effective breast surgery by using endoscopic equipment which can higher the satisfaction and the accuracy of the surgery.
To improve the effectiveness and safety of the surgery. Therefore we are using the high tech 3D FULL HD Endoscopy from the start to the end of the surgery.
Using the most high tech endoscopic equipment, we can get an even more detailed and accurate breast structure.
By minimizing the range of incision and being able to put in the prosthese and get the most exact position is GRAND’s most high tech surgery technique.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 5 : Body contouring

body contouring discountWHY? Body surgery
Fat accumulated deep inside the body is removed by using water set, ultrasound laser and through the process of removing fat layer, unnecessary fat can be removed allowing the body be more balanced and well shaped.
At Grand, we strive to use world leading technology and machine for liposuction to give the best and perfectly well balanced body shape to our customers while maintaining the safety of surgery at most.

› Cosmetic surgery discount item 6 : Facial contouring

facial contouring discountWHAT? Two-jaw surgery
It is a surgery method during which the abnormal lower and upper jwa, protruded or receding chin, asymmetric jaws are cut off and fixed together. For those who need two jaw surgery usually have facial contouring problem, but beside this, there are problems such as abnormal teeth, disability in chewing and talking and jaw bone disability.



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