001inje paik general hospital discount 002inje paik general hospital discountInje University Paik Hospital, which is located in Jeo-dong, Jung-Gu of Seoul, opened in 1932 and marks its 80 anniversary this year. The hospital is the first non-profit organization of its kind and is one of the front runners of private medical corporations in Korea.
As the Parent hospital for the five hospitals administered by Paik Medical Center – Seoul-Paik, Busan-Paik, Sanggye-Paik, Ilsan-Paik, and Haeundae-Paik.
Seoul-Paik Hospital meets three valuable aspects of medical education, medical research, and medical treatment. It also continues to practice the founding philosophy, which is to be a savior for the people through the healing art and benevolent act.
Seoul-Paik recently underwent remodeling of the exterior, including expansion of Emergency Center and ICU, and also upgraded the parking lot. We also boast specialty centers such as Liver Cancer Center, Korea gastric cancer center, Foot and Ankle Center, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center, Sports Medicine Center, Health and Wellness Center, etc., featuring one of the best medical staffs giving specialized treatments, and through medical service centered on patients, we created a giant leap of faith.
003inje paik general hospital discount

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Specialized care centers, Others

› Health Promotion Center

Health Promotion Center We possess various kinds of high-tech medical equipment like PET-CT for early diagnosis to each kind of cancer, angina, paralysis and diabetes, which has high death rate and complication. Patients can take an accurate diagnosis from medical specialists through the one-stop system that reports the results to patients immediately

› Sports Medical Center

Sports Medical Center We help our patients, who have injuries during exercise or degenerative arthritis, to recover with surgical treatment, offer systematic remedial excercise after surgery for patient’s return to the normal life and also develop exercise programs for each disease.

› Seoul-Paik Foot and Ankle Center

Seoul-Paik Foot and Ankle Center Seoul-Paik Foot and Ankle Center diagnoses diseases and wounds on foot and ankle and treat them. It is natural that patients are lost where to go to when the problems arise regarding foot and ankle, and also some ideas or treatments that are not verified are being used to cure feet and ankle. At the Foot and Ankle Center, we use treatment that are most reliable and dependent.

› Cosmetic Surgery Center

Cosmetic Surgery Center Our Philosophy of practice is to give you comfort while you are under our care. Our service will provide the procedure with quality to meet customer’s demand and happiness for the patient’s mind. We are striving for better and proudly present Forehead Contouring, Face Contouring procedure, Botox Treatment, Nose Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Cosmetic Surgery, etc.

› Weight Loss and Management Center

Individualized Weight Loss Programs
Our weight loss programs are designed to fit your individual needs from a comprehensive package to diet or exercise consultations.
Obesity Medicine Specialist Professor “Jae-Hun “Beer Belly” Kang from Vitamin program on KBS-TV, a dietician, and an exercise specialist form a team and treat obesity using safe and scientific method. We also perform health hazard assessment, the early detection of adult diseases, nutrition management, evaluation of physical fitness, and measurement of motor ability.

› Cancer Center

We offer the one-stop cancer diagnosis with the combined medical treatment to each disease through cooperation with each department. We compose the specialized clinic for each disease such as digestive cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, head and neck cancer, urinogenital organs cancer, neuromuscular cancer, blood cancer and children’s cancer, and strengthen management & counselling for our patients and education for the early medical checkup to cancer.



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