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Vision 2020, a bold new image of the hospital of the future!

The Samsung Medical Center has announced ‘Vision 2020: Happiness through Healthcare Innovation’ with the aim of becoming a global leading hospital by 2020, and initiated full-scale innovation under the slogan ‘Happinnovation20*20,’ a composite word derived from “patient happiness” and “medical innovation”.

  • Realization of ‘Happiness through Healthcare Innovation
  • Development into a global hub of bio healthcare research connecting ‘hospital-research institute-business’ and related industries
  • An organization that leads social contribution activities in the public interest

Samsung Medical Center is pursuing wide-ranging innovation in every area of its medical services including research, education, hospital culture, and even the service mindset of its medical personnel in a bold new bid to become a truly global leading hospital by implementing its vision of ‘Happiness through Healthcare Innovation.’

We will provide you with differentiated medical services by promoting qualitative development focusing on serious diseases, breaking away from the simple quantitative competition paradigm, and by developing core technologies through selection and concentration.

Seven core strategies for the realization of <Vision 2020>

01. Realization of ‘Happiness through Healthcare Innovation’

The ‘patient’s happiness’ lies at the heart of the medical innovations pursued by the Samsung Medical Center.

We have improved all processes including reservations, visits, parking, accounting, medical services, examination and surgery to impress our patients and ensure their happiness during their treatment at the
Samsung Medical Center.
We will do our utmost to provide the very best medical experience and medical services to all our patients.

02. Transformation from a department-oriented service to a specialized medical service center

03. Intensive promotion of 1+3 centers for cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience, and transplantation

We will revolutionize medical services by breaking away from the conventional department-oriented framework and focusing on specialized medical service centers, and will ultimately provide satisfaction and happiness to our patients by providing them with medical services of outstanding quality.

We are developing a customized medical service process for specialized centers including a first-visit clinic where patients with unspecified diseases are examined and diagnosed at the early stage, in addition to an integrated treatment system whereby a patient is treated by a member of medical staff from several departments, and promote ‘1+3’ centers, such as the cancer center, cardiovascular center, neuroscience center, and transplantation center, in order to deliver intensive, prompt and accurate treatments of cancers and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which account for approximately 50% of domestic mortalities.

04. ‘Dream Hospital of the Future’, the realization of a smart hospital through IT innovation

We will provide patients with the most convenient medical experience by establishing a smart hospital that integrates the abundant experience and advanced IT of Samsung by 2020.

05. Improvement of 20 advanced medical technologies to the world’s top level

[Samsung Global Frontier Project 20*20] We will ensure global competitiveness and offer the best medical services by selecting and intensively promoting projects in the field of medical treatment and research that will be the first and the best in the world by 2020.

06. Bio Healthcare Hub of the World

The Ilwon-dong area, in which the Samsung Medical Center is located, will be transformed into a world-class global medical complex. The main campus where the SMC is located will comprise a proton therapy center, an advanced medical instrument R&D center, and an education-training complex to change into the inpatient-oriented serious disease treatment center in 2014. The neighboring site will feature the country’s first independent outpatient medical treatment center as well as International Health Services, and will establish revolutionary new systems and education/research facilities that separate hospitalization and outpatient services.
We will strive to become a major hub of the medical-bio industry in a bid to increase Korea’s medical competitiveness by fusing the medical science research of the hospital-research institute-university-business complex as a center of the comprehensive bio healthcare industry with research, education and business, in addition to medical services, by 2020.

07. Promotion of social contribution activities including domestic and overseas volunteer medical services

We will expand the range and scope of our social contribution activities by actively utilizing the properties of the SMC including the emergency medical helicopter, hospital bus, and in-hospital volunteers, and accelerate our volunteer medical services not only for domestic island areas and medically underprivileged areas but also for developing countries in Asia and Africa to help them build happier and healthier societies.

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