TL plastic surgery discount – 10% OFF

Safety First Safe medical system

Exclusive facial contouring system for effectice and safe surgery

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TL plastic surgery hospital is Korea hospital.

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Plastic surgery discount item 1 : facial contouring

plastic surgery discount 001Scientific prediction of surgery result completes the balanced face

Through preparation and plan is very important for Facial contouring surgery

Since is high level of operation that performs on the face where bones, muscles, and nerves are located intricately

TL Facial contouring surgery : TL PLASTIC SURGERY

plastic surgery discount 002Plastic surgery discount item 2 : breast surgery

plastic surgery discount 014TL Mammoplasty : TL PLASTIC SURGERYplastic surgery discount 015

Plastic surgery discount item 3 : Antiaging  & Liftingplastic surgery discount 016

TL Anti-aging & Lifting : TL PLASTIC SURGERY

plastic surgery discount 017Plastic surgery discount item 4 : Eyes & Noseplastic surgery discount 0181:1 customized design to make your eyes look beautiful even 10 years from now!

Aesthetic Beauty+Functional Problems Improvement=Best result!plastic surgery discount 019Plastic surgery discount item 5 : Body Contouring/ Liposuctionplastic surgery discount 021

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Only small incisions of less than 0.5mm, leaving virtually invisible scars.

Step 2

Removing deep subcutaneous adipose-tissues and surface adipose-tissues at the same time so the large volumes of fat is aspirated.

Step 3

Help you recover quickly by using a cutting-edge equipment called Lipomettic water shape.

Step 4

Offers special after-care service to prevent skin sagging from liposuction.



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